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The 5 Worst Dance Crazes Ever!


I think we can call it at this point: Gangnam Style, you are the new Macarena. What was initially a satire of the ridiculousness of affluent Koreans has now become a dance craze sweeping bar mitzvahs and hipster weddings alike. Congratulation Psy, you’re on the way to being everything you once mocked (CHA-CHING)! But, it’s still fresh and fun and there are a lot of dance crazes that are far, far worse.


The Macarena


Now that the 90s are back we must be careful. The ancient seal forged by the ancient monastic order of ancient ancientness that holds the Macarena at bay could be broken at any moment. And when that happens, may god have mercy on Urban Outfitter’s soul.


The Electric Slide

The Electric Slide is actually the honky, less hip-shakey, version of the, “Harlem Shuffle”. I can safely say that Harlem probably has worse problems than this particular theft. Gentrified rent increases for instance.



I’m sorry to do this to you guys. On the bright side, my co-worker says to get a song out of your head try singing, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and then by the time you get through its many tonal shifts you should be song free. I’m dubious, but at least you’re trading up for a better song to have stuck.


Lean Back

Besides being the laziest dance craze in this history of ever, it also remains the only dance that can be done be recent lobotomy recipients.


Chicken Noodle soup

Personally, I’ve never heard this song or seen this dance but I can see where critics would lambast it as a modern form of “shucking” and “jiving” found in minstrel shows. More alarming, the sodium and sugar content in chicken noodle soup and soda from the lyrics. Either way, Michelle Obama would probably not perform it on the White House lawn like the, “Dougie”.

Let a giant can of Chicken Noodle Soup soothe your soul.


What do you think is the Worst Dance Craze Ever? Let me know on Twitter or leave a comment below!

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