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Future Technology You're Going To Want To Have Now


We’re living in exciting times. Rovers are roving Mars, whole faces are being transplanted and people are reading books again. Every day a tech wizard is coming up with a new gadget meant to make our life better and more convenient. For instance, has your wallet been feeling a little too heavy lately? Well, these may solve that problem in the not too distant future.


Pizza Vending Machine

If you’re not rich enough to have your own pizza chef (ha, poor people), good news! There will soon be pizza vending machines that use fresh ingredients to make a pie while you wait without the tedium of human contact. Don’t like waiting those two minutes and miraculously don’t have you’re your smart phone on you? You’re in luck! There’s also a built in TV. This is the best thing to happen to 2am since Taco Bell.


Portable 3D Printers

3D printing is revolutionizing medicine, industry and art as we know it. And now, that tech is becoming portable. This will clearly only lead to not evil things.


Self-Heating Containers

future ramen


Because microwaves were apparently too convenient we will now have self hating food containers that will activate wirelessly. Similar products that use chemical processes already exist but these wireless containers can also pull up nutritional information on a screen as well as cooking recipes. And hey, you can’t interrupt a World of Warcraft campaign to go micro some easy mac. Lives could be lost!


Invisible Helmet

For all of you who think you’re too cool to wear a helmet, Sweden has figured out how to keep all your Fonzi points intact. Spoiler, it goes around your neck. That way you’re safe and you can’t lick your stitches.


Fart Neutralizer

reptile mortal kombat


I know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas! Yes, this little do-dad is said to not only curb the sound but also the smell of your colonic calliope, your buttock bassoon, your smellex duck-stepping, etc. The future is now!


What are you most excited to get your grubby little hands on? Let me know on twitter @charley_feldman or in the comments below!


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