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10 Now Famous Actors You Didn't Know Were In Movies You Probably Saw


It's always funny and strange to find clips on YouTube and see well known actors before they were famous in really low-budget movies or commercials. It's even stranger though to realize that you actually did see them in a huge movie in a bit role or supporting part years before they became A-listers.It's like realizing you and your sweetheart went to the same summer camp when you were kids and trying to remember if they made an impression on you way back when. Here's 10 famous actors you probably saw in movies way before they were famous.


Megan Fox--Bad Boys II

before they were famous actors in movies you saw megan fox


At the age of 15 (!) Megan played 'Stars and Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall' in the Will Smith hit. Interestingly enough, this film was also helmed by Transformers director, Michael Bay. I guess she really made an impression! Megan's really come a long way since playing a scantily-clad sex object extra. Now she's a scantily clad sex object lead. Oh yeah and a mother and a healer. We can't forget that!


Aaron Paul--Mission: Impossible III

before they were famous actors in movies you saw aaron paul


From screw up brother to screw up who's kind of  becoming not so screwed up, I'd say Paul is moving in the right direction. I mean no mission is too impossible for Paul's Breaking Bad character, Jesse Pinkman. See the great train heist episode. If that's not enough proof, I have 3 words for you 'YEAH BITCH! MAGNETS!


Mischa Barton--The Sixth Sense

before they were famous actors in movies you saw mischa barton


She played a creepy ghost child years before she played the rich and troubled Marissa on The OC. Season 4 would've been so much better if Mischa went back to her ghost roots and haunted Ryan and Taylor. Am I the only one who hated Rylor or Tayan or whatever they were called? I just called them so effing annoying. 


Ryan Gosling---Remember the Titans

before they were famous actors in movies you saw ryan gosling


Gosling had a supporting role in this inspirational football drama. Now he stars in my dreams every night as my devoted boyfriend. And some other movies you may have heard of.


Michelle Williams--Species

before they were famous actors in movies you saw michelle williams


In Species,  Michelle played the younger version of the lead character Sil, a human/alien hybrid monster. Now she pretty much stars in movies that make you snot cry. I'd advise her to try something new, but I can't really picture her in a rom-com opposite Ashton Kutcher. 


Jake Gyllenhaal--City Slickers

before they were famous actors in movies you saw jake gyllenhaal


Jake played Billy Crystal's son in in this cowboy comedy. Judging by this photo, I'm guess he never had an awkward phase. Apropos of nothing, I think he and Michelle Williams should get married. It would just warm my cold black heart to see those two together. 


Jaime Pressly--Can't Hardly Wait

before they were famous actors in movies you saw jaime pressly


Jaime played 'girlfriend # 1'  in this popular teen sex comedy. Although sometimes she's credited as 'pretty girl, ugly face meme'. I wish my 'ugly face' was that pretty.


Alexander Skarsgard--Zoolander

before they were famous actors in movies you saw alexander skarsgard


OMG. I'm dying over this one. I'm a total Team Eric kind of girl and now I guess I'm on Team Meekus too. I have to go watch this one again just to see the impossible...Eric Northman act a fool. Well, for a reason other than Sookie.


Katherine Heigl--Bride of Chucky

before they were famous actors in movies you saw katehrine heigl


Katherine played Jade, the woman whose body Chucky wants to use to bring his main lady Tiffany back to human form. I actually enjoy this movie way more than any of Heigl's rom-coms. What can I say? I'm a fan of unconventional love stories.


Ryan Reynolds--Sabrina the Teenage Witch

before they were famous actors in movies you saw ryan reynolds


Okay technically it's a tele-movie, but I'm including it because OMFG look at Ryan Reynolds!?!? He played Sabrina's love interest, Crunchy Yellow Hair, I mean Seth. Informal survey: Did he get a nose job??  Tell me your unprofessional opinion on the matter in the comments!


Were you surprised by any of these? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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