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5 Technologies in the Hunger Games That I Wish Were Real


 There are lots of things in The Hunger Games I would never want to see IRL. Namely a televised game where an oppressive government plucks children from their homes and forces them to fight. I mean I get upset by some of the fights on Jersey Shore, so I’m pretty sure I have a low-threshold for violence as entertainment. But there are a few things from the books that would be pretty rad IRL. Here’s a look at 5.



hunger games technology jabberjay


Not that I condone spying, but how great would it be to have a bird that could totally record conversations verbatim? Just think of all the info you could gather, info that you could use to gain power and influence over your enemies and friends alike. Whoa. I guess that sounds kind of Capitol of me and being Capitol-y is all kinds of wrong. Apparently even the idea of power can corrupt! Can we can just use them for making Mockingjays? That would be pretty cool too! Let’s just hope they don’t torture us with ‘Call me Maybe’ covers.



hunger games technology hovercraft


Anything that has hover in the name is a must have for me. I don’t know why. It just sounds cool. How awesome would it be to pick up your friends in one of these? Just use that force field thingy to suck them right up. Totally better than a limo when it comes to prom transportation! And I’m pretty sure finding parking will never be an issue again.


Silver Parachute Gifts

hunger games technology parachute


I think we all could use a magical silver parachute carrying a much-needed item to us every once in awhile. Like right now I would love it if someone sent me a root beer float. With Haagen Dazs vanilla, please. It’s really hot right now, I haven’t eaten anything and it just seems like it would hit the spot. I know it’s not as noble as asking for life-saving medicine, but I guess I just have to face the fact that I’m a selfish and spoiled modern-day woman, who thinks only of herself. Prim’s lucky I wasn’t her sister!


Gaming Control Center

hunger games technology gaming center


Okay, I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind would want to have the Hunger Games be a real thing, but how friggin’ amazing is the game’s control center!?! If a home version of this became available for purchase, parents across the land would be stampeding the local big box stores to get their hands on one come the holidays. It would be like the Hunger Games of shopping, only with adults running into the store like it was the cornucopia. Yikes. May the odds be ever in your favor, I guess.


Fire Dress

hunger games technology fire dress


Um, hello? Who wouldn’t want a dress that makes that kind of a statement? Best ‘first day of school’ outfit ever! Come to think of it can I just have Cinna as my own personal stylist? I know he’s not technically technology but he’s kind of magical, no? Plus he makes Rachel Zoe look like she’s a stylist for Walmart!

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