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Boy Scouts Create Video Game Badge


The Boy Scouts are finally coming around to modernizing a bit.

boy scoutsies
However, some of their modernizing went... too far.


Yes, the CBC reports that the Boy Scouts now have a "Video Game" badge. The badge rewards little scoutlings (they're called scoutlings, right?) ages 7-10 not for playing video games, but for having a video game regimen that properly places video games after chores and homework.

dudes playing video games in college
This little a**hole clearly isn't putting his homework first.

While that badge sounds boring as hell to get there are other more interesting video game badges to get. Other Boy Scout video game badges include getting a badge for getting a prostitute to marry you in Grand Theft Auto IV, figuring out how to get every character you're supposed to assassinate so sad they take their own life in Assassin's Creed, and going online right after playing Tomb Raider and not trying to find nude Lara Croft pics.

lara croft
I call best man!

One can only assume the Boy Scouts decide to create a video games badge after having finally given up and admitted that nature has more or less been replaced by an endless sea of malls and TGIFriday's. And that the closest most kids get to nature is from behind a 3D character with a chain gun as he kills aliens in a weird futuristic space jungle.

nature place
Ah, I have fine memories of I and my fellow boy scouts camping here. This is where I got my three-point-turn merit badge.

What Boy Scout badges do you want most? Let us know in the comments below!


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