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7 Old School Websites That Still Exist


So I was cruising down the street in my ’64 and I started thinking about a band I had in high school and how we rocked the sh*t out of myspace on a daily basis. And it got me thinking, what other sites did I visit as a young and wide-eyed @danborrelli that are still in existence today? So guess what y’all. I made a LIST!


space jam homepage


http://www2.warnerbros.com/spacejam/movie/jam.htm It’s nice to see that there are still websites out there dedicated to relatively recent global historical research. The good people at Warner Bros. has left this website perfectly in tact so that we may continue to learn about the historical events that shaped our past. It’s good to know that even in this day and age a major motion picture studio is still commited to educating our youth.



The Hall site pic


http://www.va.com.au/parallel/x1/gallery/suzanne_treister/hall1.html My initial reaction to finding this old Australian website from the ‘90s was “WTF?!” Then I realized this site is so old it existed before “WTF!?” I’m also pretty sure that the “game” featured on the website is designed to be either one of two things; a joke, or a recruitment tool for neo-nazis. Either way, it’s hilarious that’s still in existence. Also, make sure you guys grab your free stickers. #Excited



pic from the hampster dance site


http://originalhampster.ytmnd.com/This isn’t TECHNICALLY the original site but I’ll take it. This was a classic. It probably has the award for website left on the most amount of computers in the computer lab of Robinson Secondary thanks to how hilarious it was. It’s the perfect comedy. Hamster, and dance. Boom.



pic from emo game site


http://emogame.com/ A classic video game where you choose your character out of several front men from former emo bands. In the original, your job is to rescue the Get Up Kids from Steven Tyler because that’s awesome. I recommend playing at least the first couple levels for nostalgia’s sake. #ManTears



pic from Friendster homepage


http://www.friendster.com/ Friendster used to be at the forefront of the internet. Now I imagine the designers sit around saying things like, “I coulda been! I coulda been BETTER than Zuckerferberf…I need another drink.” Also, I FEEL like Friendster is targeting a VERY specific demographic. Can you spot it?



Pic from CNN 96 site


No words. This is perfect. A fictional website designed to recap the great story of 1996. It’s a shame it was all made up, it could have made a really great movie though. At least we still have the Space Jam site to keep us educated.



imdb site homepage pic


According to Wikipedia… “Founded in 1989 by participants in the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.movies, the IMDB was rolled out on the web in late 1993, hosted by the computer science department of Cardiff University in Wales.” When I worked at Blockbust in High School (it was a store, like Netflix, google it) back in the 1950s we had a book that was essentially an encyclopedia of movies/actors. Someone had the brilliant idea of making it a website. And now we no longer have to let the question, “who was that guy in that thing?” go unresolved.


What’s your favorite old-school website? Let me know in the comments below or by screaming at me @danborrelli


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