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7 Celebs You Won't Believe Are Grandparents


I guess one of the many great things about not having children when you're super young is that you will never be a super young grandparent. I mean can you imagine being a grandparent in your 40s or even your 30s!?! These celebs can!


Charlie Sheen

young celebrity grandparents charlie sheen


Age they became a grandparent: 47

Charlie Sheen recently announced that the 27 year old daughter he had with his high school sweetheart is expecting. Am I the only one creeped out when people  'date' women younger than their own daughters? Am I the only one that's going to be creeped out in 20 years when Charlie Sheen will be 'dating' 'ladies' younger than his grandchild? What is in that tiger's blood?


Kiefer Sutherland

young celebrity grandparents kiefer sutherland


Age they became a grandparent: 39

Kiefer became a peepaw when the step-daughter he raised form the age of 8 became a mom. The baby's middle name is even Kiefer. Awww so sweet. Kiefer says that he loves being a young grandpa and I love saying that I'm attracted to a grandpa. It makes me seem so 'age is just a number' we're in love! Even though I'm really not. Sorry, Larry King!


Whoopi Goldberg

young celebrity grandparents whoopi goldberg


Age they became a grandparent: 34

DUDE!  This is CRAY CRAY. This is what happens when a teen mom's daughter becomes a teen mom. See you in 16 years cast of Teen Mom! The 30 Year Old Grandma has a nice ring to it don't you think? When will the cycle of exploitive reality shows end? Um, hopefully never.I mean if they're going to do it anyway why can't we watch?


Jim Carrey

young celebrity grandparents jim carrey


Age they became a grandparent: 48

I'm really going out on a limb here but... Jim Carrey must be the best grandpa ever...amirite? Although maybe it turns into one of those things where everyone loves your grandpa but you're completely humiliated every time he pretends to pop his head out of Rhino's anus?  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? Lighten up, Carrey grandchild! 


Nene Leakes

young celebrity grandparents nene leakes


Age they became a grandparent:44

This Real Housewives of Atlanta star, calls herself a Glam Ma. Because that doesn't sound as bad as grandma. Riiiight. She should change her name to Nana Leakes. How did she miss that obvious yet amazing choice? This is why I'm a professional, folks. You're welcome, Nana!


Pierce Brosnan

young celebrity grandparents pierce brosnan


Age they became a grandparent: 44

More like 'Licensed to Diaper'!!  Seriously? Why am I not writing punny headlines for the NY Post? Brosnan became a Grandpa just six years after being named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, AKA the Nobel Prize of DAYUM YOU FINE!


Cee Lo

young celebrity grandparents ceelo green


Age they became a grandparent:35

Cee Lo became a grandpa when his 20 year old step-daughter had a baby boy. Maybe if young people replaced some of their  'F*ck's with 'Forget's, like in the radio friendly version of Cee Lo's hit song, we would have a lot less 'surprise' pregnancies.Or something liek that.  INSERT powerful message that makes you think HERE.

Were you surprised by any of these? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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