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10 Scariest Girls In Horror Movies


The debate rages on about who the scariest horror movie villain is. You often hear names of scary dudes. I'm here to throw my opinion in the mix that women in horror movies are way scarier than dudes. You expect dudes to be awful monsters, but when a lady makes a heel turn that really freaks me out. Here are the scariest girls in horror movies.


Samara (The Ring)

samara's face


There's a lot of build up in this movie around what Samara actually looks like. We see her several times, but her face is obscured. When we finally get to see her face after she crawls out of the TV, I nearly died of fright. The freakiest thing about Samara is that she's played by the same girl that played the little sister in Donnie Darko. Maybe Samara got pushed down that well because she showed a lack of commitment to Sparkle Motion.


Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist)

regan's face


When The Exorcist came out, it was one of the scariest movies ever made. It's probably been ten years since I saw this movie and I still have nightmares about Regan's spinning head. If you didn't think it was scary enough, they added back in an extra scene that wasn't in the original that shows Regan spider walking down the stairs. This movie is the gold standard that all other exorcism movies are judged by. Actually, maybe it'd be more accurate to say this movie is the pea green standard.


Carrie White (Carrie)

carrie white blood


Carrie White spends most of her life being bullied by her peers and abused by her mother, so it’s no surprise when she eventually snaps. However, since Carrie has telekinetic powers, her revenge is a little more bloody and flaming than normal. Carrie serves as a cautionary tale against bullying, especially against people with supernatural powers.


Asami Yamazaki (Audition)

asami injecting her victim


The turn that Asami makes in Audition is one of the most frightening I've ever seen. The first half of Audition plays out like a kind of lame romantic comedy. A widower's friend sets up a casting call for a fake movie so that they can audition girls to be his new wife. Things start to get a little weird when Asami sits by the phone for four days waiting for a call back. Then things get really weird when it turns out she keeps a tongue less dude as her pet dog. You know what? Everyone has their quirks. If you can't put up with a little nail biting or snoring or man-dogs then I think you deserve to be single.


Claire Weir (Event Horizon)

claire with no eyes


There are a lot of pretty horrifying things that go down in Event Horizon. It's honestly one of my favorite horror movies. There is one scene that might be my all time favorite horror scene. It takes place like halfway through the movie while they are inspecting the Event Horizon ship. When Dr. Weir is crawling in the green tunnels and his dead wife shows up, it takes everything I have in me to not run out of the room and go cuddle with all of my stuffed Pokémon.


The Blair Witch (The Blair Witch Project)

dude standing in the corner from the end of the blair witch


This is the only woman on this list who wasn't actually played by any actor. During the Blair Witch Project, you never actually get to see the Blair Witch. When this movie came out, the horror genre had become kind of boring. I thought everything that horror had to offer had already been done. This sparked the entire genre of found footage horror movies that still scares people senseless today. I thought about making a found footage movie about my life, but the only horrific thing in it would be how much I love to eat McDonald's and play video games.


Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Til Dawn)

santanico vampire


Santanico kicks off one of the craziest battles in horror movie history. She doesn't get a lot of screen time, but her time on screen is well spent. She's the star exotic dancer at the vampire run Titty Twister strip club. She's goes from doing a sexy dance to transforming in to a horrific reptilian vampire in about two seconds. I think this might have been the most confused my boner has ever been while watching a movie.


Annie Wilkes (Misery)

annie holding a sledgehammer


People always look down on Annie Wilkes because she's "crazy" and she "smashed her favorite author's ankles and forced him to write a book," but I just think she's the ultimate fan girl. I can't think of any higher praise that I could receive than to have one of you Smoshers kidnap me and force me to write funny lists about Pokémon.


Julie Walker (Return Of The Living Dead 3)

julie with stuff in her face


The Return Of The Living Dead movies are pretty silly for the most part. Somehow for the third one, they came up with one of the creepiest monsters I've seen. Julie Walker is a recently turned zombie who discovers that if she jams jagged metal in her skin, it keeps her from wanting to eat her boyfriend. By the end of the movie, she looks like a walking pin cushion except more bitey. This movie also has the honor of being the only movie I've ever seen with a zombie love scene.


Nell Sweetzer (The Last Exorcism 2)

nell is possessed


If you thought The Last Exorcism was scary, it gets even crazier in the second one. I don't want to spoil any of the surprises, but the demon that possessed Nell in the first one is back and is pretty mad about that whole exorcism thing. When you go see this, bring a date because you're going to need someone to grab on to while you're both scared out of your pants.

Do you think you know a scarier girl from a horror movie? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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