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8 Fictional Places That Should Host The Olympics


People always make such a big deal about where the next Olympics will be held. They always pick some boring place on Earth. They need to branch out and find some more exciting places to host the games so they aren't so boring. Here are Fictional Places That Should Host The Olympics!


Hoth from Star Wars

ski hoth vintage logo


One of the main reasons for the Olympics is diplomacy. The general idea is that nations can come together to battle each other in sport so they don't have to go to war. Sure, holding the games on Hoth means that a few of the competitors will be eaten by Wampas, but that's a small price to pay for people between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.


Bikini Bottom from Spongebob Squarepants

spongebob swim meme


Everyone has become so obsessed with swimming this year. Why not just have every event under water?


The Mysterious Island from Journey 2

The coolest thing about this place is that big things are little and little things are big. That means instead of having horse events, all of the riders will have to ride giant bees. Luckily, the giant bees on this island are totally cool with people riding them. Just don't make it mad or you might get a stinger through your chest cavity.


Mordor from Lord Of the Rings

zombie olympics


Gollum would probably confuse the Gold Medals for the One Ring and try to steal them. Of course, it wouldn't really matter because the evil Necromancer Sauron would turn all of the atheletes in to a zombie army.


The Capitol of Panem from Hunger Games

queen hunger games meme


These games would be a little different in that there will be no Bronze or Silver Medals. The winner of the Gold will be the only person who survives each event.


The Matrix from The Matrix

skrillex olympics meme


This would be the only way you could get me to watch gymnastics. Of course, Skrillex would play the opening games.


Springfield from The Simpsons

simpsons willie flashing kilt


Surprisingly, Springfield has never hosted an Olympic Games. In one episode, they were picked, but then the Olympic committee decided to move the games after Bart tells some offensive jokes. I mostly just want to see Groundskeeper Willie win every event by accidentally flashing the other competitors while wearing a traditional Scottish Kilt.


Hogwarts from Harry Potter

kitten quidditch meme


You might be thinking that Hogwarts is too small to host an Olympic games. I'm pretty sure that they could remedy this problem with a little something called magic. Seriously though, why is Quidditch not an Olympic sport yet?

What other fictional places should host the Olympics? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!

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