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Special Needs Teen Scores Basket In Final Game With Opponent's Help


Too many people I know wander through their lives in almost a coma, thinking about their next paycheck or how little they want to go to work, if they even think anything at all. Wouldn't it be great if they had something in their lives they really loved? Be it writing, art, gardening, or even dog fighting, all of us would do well to find something to love with our whole hearts.

dog fighting
WAIT. NO. Not dig fighting. Did I say dog fighting? Love something else for Christ's sake.

One person who has more than found their love is Mitchell Marcus, a student at El Paso Texas' Coronado High School — this guy LOVES basketball. While a developmental disability kept him from a spot on the basketball team, the Coronado Thunderbirds, Marcus was still able to get involved, becoming the team manager.

mitchell marcus basketball
Essentially the Agent Coulson to the coach's Nick Fury.

But then, during the final game of the season, Marcus got his chance to play. Coach Peter Morales told him to suit up, and actually played him in the final moments of the game. Morales said he was going to put Marcus in regardless of the score, and was even willing to lose the game to the Thunderbird's most heated rival, FRANKLIN High School. (I have no idea if Franklin is actually a heated rival or not.)

So Mitchell went into the game, and his teammates got him the ball time after time, giving Mitchell numerous chances to make a shot. He missed them all. Was this story destined to end with the hero in defeat, through no fault of his own, with a bitter loss and no valuable lesson learned? Was this going to be like the SECOND season of Friday Night Lights?

friday night lights
I don't care how embarrassing it would have been for Marcus. NOTHING could be worse
than the second season of Friday Night Lights.


But then, in the final seconds of the game, with Franklin in possession of the ball, Jonathon Montanez, a player for the other team, passed Marcus the ball, giving him one final shot. And because the universe is good, Marcus did it -- he made the shot. And the crowd went wild.

This just proves that, if you love something enough, it'll find a way to prove it loves you back.

Just HOW inspired are you by Mitchell Marcus' story? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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