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Harlem Shake Video Gets Teens Suspended


Some surprisingly well built teenage boys at Milford High School are in hot water after filming their version of a Harlem Shake Video.

harlem shake video
Why was the school so upset? Because that duck... is the Principal.

Yes, the Detroit Free Press says the school suspended 30 students involved with the video, and another video they shot simultaneously that has been taken down. That video supposedly had a "racially insensitive word." Whether or not that video contained a racially sensitive word, this video did include such shocking things as teenagers having fun, and a duck. One of the students has said of the duck, "Including the duck added a little pizzazz, something no other 'Harlem Shake' video could bring." In Hollywood we have a word for that. We call it: showmanship.

duck parts
Pizazz personified.

Kim Root, spokeswoman for the school, says she believes the school is justified in their actions because they don't want the school as being misrepresented as the type of place that would let a student take of their shirt, put on a gorilla mask, and dance. She says parents would be less likely to allow their children to go to a school where holding a duck while you were gyrating was permissible.

milford high school
Milford High School. Gorilla mask free since... NO NOT AGAIN.

Just how offensive is this video, you ask? How badly has it tarnished the once proud reputation of Milford High School? Who's average verbal SAT score was 494 before the video was put out, and then dropped to an alarming -11? Watch for yourself and decide:

How many times would you have suspended the whiteboysmakingnoise, as they call themselves? Let us know in the comments below!


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