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6 Video Games That Should Star Different Characters!


The problem with most video games is that eventually you either finish them or become bored due to their repetitive play. But by simply introducing a main character from a different game you can add an exciting new dimension of play…or just annoy the hell out of anyone playing with you.


“Assassin’s Creed 3” Starring Kirby

video game character assassins creed 3 kirby

Why spend all that time hiding under cover of night or behind trees, talking great pains to aim your arrow correctly, or even bothering putting on pants when you can just run around like a giant gumball off his meds, happily bouncing off fort walls, spitting out throwing stars, and simply devouring Redcoats whole, thereby instantly gaining such British Army powers as carefully reloading a musket and knowing how long to let a cup of Earl Grey tea steep.


“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Starring Link

video game character elder scrolls skyrim link

Link’s exploits have always been of the family-friendly variety, good for a little fun but never truly heart-pounding or frankly head-removing. But by dropping everyone’s favorite Hylian teen into the continent of Tamriel, Link would experience overwhelming adventures that will not only truly make him a man but also perhaps cause him to lose his freaking mind (as indicated in the above screenshot), and that is always good for an added level of exciting game play.


“Galaga” Starring Master Chief

video game character galaga halo mashup

Already well seasoned in fighting aliens with a hive-like mentality, Halo’s Master Chief would have no problem whatsoever fighting off hordes of insect-like creatures, to the point the game would last only six seconds and involve far more charred remains than usual. But this would give Master Chief plenty of additional time to then focus on repeatedly killing the ghosts in the “Ms. Pac-Man” game that usually comes combined with “Galaga” in all those pizza restaurants and bars hoping to recapture the glory days of 1982.


“Madden NFL” Starring Mario

video game character super Mario madden nfl

Mario has proven his athletic prowess again and again in racing, both Summer and Winter Olympics, and even beating the crap out of Kirby. So it’s only a matter of time before he takes to the football field. Of course, his tendency to become gigantic, throw fireballs, fly, and run around in a raccoon suit would incur numerous fines from the NFL. But Mario could easily afford the costs given his uncanny ability to find boxes full of gold coins always floating overhead.


”Wii Sports Resort” Starring Big Daddy

video game character wii sports big daddy

Who doesn’t enjoy hanging out with the Mii tourists of “Wii Sports Resort”? But after a few games of mild golf, easygoing bowling, and mind-numbing Frisbee, even your grandmother will eventually throw her Wii remote at the screen and yell, “Come on! Give me a game with some real balls!” That’s why the resort should hire the hulking protectors from “Bioshock” as security guards. Then they could patrol the grounds looking for the slightest hint of improper behavior and deliver an immediate, impaling response that would cause any player to start sweating the moment they even consider a round of table tennis.


”Oregon Trail” Starring Call of Duty Zombies

video game character Oregon trail zombies

Death by cholera, dysentery, typhoid, measles, and even just being too tired to live. The fact the wagon train of “Oregon trail” has yet to be attacked by zombies seems more an oversight on the programmers’ part and frankly an inevitable conclusion to a grim adventure that at one point probably ends with a drive-by shooting from a “Grand Theft Auto” motorist.


What video game characters do you want to see switch games? Let us know in the comments below!


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