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Saturday Morning Cartoons: All The SHUT UP! Cartoons From This Week


This week's Shut Up! Cartoons episodes, plus a sneak peak for next week's premiere of Samurai Daycare! Don't forget to subscribe!


Did you miss a moment from this week's hilarious Shut Up Cartoons? Well worry no more. Here are all the cartoons from the past week!


LMAO (Nature Break #4)

Dr. Hollingsworth parks his car in a bad neighborhood...


RAT'LL DO IT (Snowjacked #6)

Layta befriends a rat who promises to help find her family.


THE GAY GENE (Weasel Town #4)

Dipster desperately tries to find out if he has the gay gene.


DECONSTRUCTION (Krogzilla #10)

Krogzilla tries his hand at demolition.


THE GAY KID (Oishi High School Battle #4)

Oishi helps a gay kid at school battle some personal demons.



Follow Ned (Matthew Lillard) as he "teaches" a bunch of preschoolers, while simultaneously "rooting out evil" in his misguided, yet well intended manner every Thursday in an all new Samurai! Daycare on Shut Up! Cartoons!

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