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10 Embarrassing Commercials With Celebs (Before They Were Famous)


Before they got their big breaks, many celebrities were struggling to just book a commercial. When you watch these embarrassing commercials, it kind of makes it extra funny to think that at one point these celebs were ecstatic just to be on TV in one of these. Now they probably just want to forget they even exist. But the internet NEVER FORGETS. Just ask Beyonce!


Jennifer Lawrence-- My Super Sweet 16

Okay, Jennifer seems like the type of girl who can laugh at herself, so she probably also thinks this is hilarious. AND it actually has given me a great idea for a reality show....My Super Sweet 16 meets The Hunger Games. Only one spoiled annoying tart gets out ALIVE! DM me on Twitter, Hollywood.


Aaron Paul--Corn Pops

I'm just waiting the whole time for him to say 'YEAH , BITCHES! Gotta get my POPS!' I do enjoy Corn Pops, they're addictive, not blue ice addictive but addictive nonetheless.


Lindsay Lohan--Jello

Nothing makes me sadder than seeing old school adorable Lindsay Lohan. I have a feeling she's slurped down a lot grosser things than Grape Jello in the past few years.SNAP!


Jason Bateman--Golden Grahams

Seeing this is actually getting me psyched for the return of Arrested Development. I enjoy this commercial much more when I imagine someone is showing it to the world in order to humiliate Michael Bluth.


Sarah Michelle Gellar--Burger King

I don't know what's more embarrassing the annoying child actor delivery or the natural hair color reveal. 


Jack Black--Atari's Pitfall

Who knew Jack Black was a child actor?? Wow, Pitfall looks AMAZING! I mean that scorpion is scarier than anything in Resident Evil....amirite? 


Leonardo DiCaprio--Bubble Yum

The best part of watching this commercial is knowing that Leonardo DiCaprio cringes at the mere thought of it. And I'd just like to say, although iPods are great, nothing looks as cool as listening to your music on a boom box! 


Tina Fey--Local Bank

This almost seems like she's playing Liz Lemon as a younger person acting in a commercial. Even though it's super-dated and dorky, Tina Fey does her best to make it a little funny.  But even she can't make that vest anything but sad.


Elijah Wood--National Dairy Board

That's one way to make broccoli more appealing, pour a buttload of melted cheese all over it. Maybe pouring cheese all over some Lembas would make it more appealing too.


Naomi Watts--Tampax

From this to Oscar-nominated actress!? Well done, Naomi, well done. You can tell she's destined for success, because she's really able to sell the idea of an easy glide, hygienic tampon applicator. I really think using these tampons will improve my life drastically, you guys! Can't wait to get my period and play tennis in white shorts with confidence! 

Which one did you find the most embarrassing? Let me know @desijedeikin or in the comments below!

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