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7 TV Shows That Make No Attempt To Accurately Portray The World They Take Place In


I watch a lot of television, because I like a lot of television. Despite what TV ratings may suggest, a lot of TV shows are as good, or better, than they’ve ever been in the past. Of course, while the storytelling aspect may have improved, television has always had some problems with accuracy when it comes to reflecting reality. While you allow for some suspension of disbelief in the interest of storytelling, some shows are particularly egregious about it. Which shows? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED, CONVENIENT SEGUE! Here are 7 TV shows that make no attempt to accurately portray the world they take place in:



unreal tv shows CSI


First, real crime scenes almost never contain the kind of definitive evidence that the characters on CSI are practically tripping over at every turn. And also, why are a bunch of science nerds being allowed into the interrogation room? That’s not their job, and I’m suspicious that guy who was probably scared to talk to girls in high school would be a more effective interrogator than the hardened homicide detective.


How I Met Your Mother

unreal tv shows how I met your mother


Unlike what this show suggests, New York does have black people in it.


Grey’s Anatomy

unreal tv shows grey's anatomy


The mortality rate at that hospital is ridiculous, and I’m not even talking about patients, just the doctors. Car crashes, mass shootings, drowning in McDreamy’s eyes, there is no way doctors die that much in actual hospitals.


Andy Griffith Show

unreal tv shows andy griffith


The Andy Griffith Show was one of the all time classics, about a widowed small town sheriff, and the well meaning citizens of the small town where he works. Of course, the charming, quaint picture it paints is in no way what being a small town sheriff is actually like, unless all the scenes of him getting thrown up on by drunks, and breaking up domestic disputes are on the DVD deleted scenes or something.



unreal tv shows californication


Californication does not so much portray what the life of a writer is like as much as it portrays what every single writer wishes their life was like. Hard partying, womanizing, knocking out a few pages while you’re hung over (well, it’s been my experience that the hangover part is generally true) is such a sad fantasy of a specific type of nerdy writer it… oh man, I’m getting bummed out for them just thinking about it.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

unreal tv shows TNMT


Do you know a lot of teenagers who are motivated enough to go risk their lives to fight crime? No, if they were real teens, they’d be sitting in their bedroom listening to Nine Inch Nails (or whatever their 2013 equivalent is, I’m very old) and pining over whoever this week’s unrequited crush was. Also, shouldn’t at least one of them had really bad acne?


All Reality TV Shows

unreal tv shows


It’s no secret that reality TV shows have writers coming up with the “plot lines” for each week, so why can’t we just drop the whole “Reality TV” tag and call them docudramas, or something? EVERYONE knows it’s not reality, including my Grandmother, who is fooled by this kind of thing constantly.


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