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This Dude Has The World's Biggest Mouth!


Some world records are impressive, like world's farthest field goal kick, while some are horrific, like the world's fattest baby. Although, the worst part about him is that he's also the world's meanest baby. And the dumbest.

Anyhow, the strange person we're going to look at, for my money, falls into the latter camp — Francisco Domingo Joaquim has the world's biggest mouth. And this also makes him the world's deadliest predator.

francisco coke can mouth
This man could straight up eat me.

So how big is the world's biggest mouth? 17 centimeters wide is the answer — almost 4 inches — as recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records. Joaquim says it's his "dream come true" to be in the record book, but is only ONE world record enough? He's got the biggest mouth in the world! Let's go A to C here — what other records can he break? I imagine it wouldn't be difficult for Joaquim to also locking up the "most people simultaneously made out with" world record.

francisco opening mouth wide
He can just throw his lips over a college campus like a collapsed orientation tent.

The Guinness Book of World Records found Joaquim in his hometown of Angola after watching his videos on YouTube. Which leads me to ask — is Guinness scouring YouTube for potential world record holders? Because, for real, my Resident Evil 2 speed run has been up for YEARS and I haven't received a call.

resident evil 2
Come on! 1 hour 21 minutes on Claire A! Guinness world records GET AT ME. Capcom GET AT ME.

If you don't believe this guy's mouth is real — and who could blame you, it looks Photoshopped — you can check him out in action in the video below. He's going to stretch those lips WELL past the limits of human endurance, so be warned. Also, this video is not safe for those made uncomfortable by human gums. That of course shouldn't be an issue, because that is not a thing people are made uncomfortable by:

That said, only watch this though if you're really, REALLY confident in your own mouth size.

If you had the world's biggest mouth, what would you put in it? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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