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The Eagle-Snatching-Baby Video Leads to a Scholarship Fund!


Remember the video from a few months ago depicting an eagle snatching a baby? And then remember how the video turned out to be the work not of horrific baby-eating eagles but a bunch of LIARS (visual effects artists)?

If there's one thing the internet needs, it's more authentic baby-being-eaten-by-animals vids.

But our collective deception was, ultimately, for a good cause. The school where the video was created, the Centre NAD in Montreal, is starting a scholarship fund with revenue generated by the popular online video. This is the scholarship to go after if you're the type of person who watched Children of Men and thought "I could make a better digital baby than that". Although, I suspect the competition for the scholarship will be tough.

children of men baby
We're all the type of people who watched Children of Men
and thought "I could make a better digital baby than that".


So why are the creators of the eagle video creating a scholarship fund instead of, say, two jets made of solid gold? You see, the makers of the video can't directly profit from the video, since it was created with an educational software license. Centre NAD was given a lower rate on the software so long as it was used in an educational context and not for profit. So remember this little parable the next time you're photoshopping Barack Obama into rad situations — if you use your school's computer, you probably can't make any money from it.

obama meme
Not quite the meal ticket you'd envisioned.

The money for the scholarship is coming from Google AdSense money because that video had over 41 million people thinking it was the real deal. So think for one second about being the student who gets that scholarship — you'll be at school because the entirety of the internet was duped. Your education will have come from CORRUPTION. From DECEPTION.

bane dark knight rises
"Your scholarship is built on a bed of LIES."

Are you, or is anyone you know, a CGI eagle? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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