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The Very BEST Places to Study


When it comes to studying, sometimes even the sincerest of intentions (“I wrote it in my assignment notebook!”) are thwarted by the sheer monotony of sitting at your desk in your bedroom. If you find yourself kicking and screaming as you place your sad water glass down on that same sad water ring, it might be time to consider some alternatives. The best places to study:


In The Bath

study places bath girl


The bathtub is a relaxing, underrated vessel of mental health… that can also double as a place to drown. You won’t fall asleep reading when you’re up to your shoulders in hot water!


Lying Horizontally Across Your Bed

study places bed kids


All the perks of being in bed without the “sleepy-time!” association of lying on your pillow. You’ll feel like you’re in some kind of Moroccan lounge, but you’ll still be able to use your parents’ wifi.


An Individual Study Cubby In The Library

study places individual cubby


This is for like, the Navy SEALs of studying. If you can get yourself to hang out in one of those solitary confinement chambers for longer than an hour, you can do anything. Including your trig homework, which you’ll be completely LASERED in on because there’s literally nowhere else to look.


A Place Where They Sell Fonuts

study places fonut shop


Studying and food totally go together, but unfortunately, so do studying and weight gain. You want to study in a coffee shop/bakery-type atmosphere, but if you’re going to do that, make it a coffee shop/bakery that sells crappy food. Have you ever had a fonut? It looks like a donut but is gluten-free, so it tastes like not-donut. You won’t want to buy one.


With Cat

Because the above will happen. You can totes write an essay using only the letters TYUIOPHJKLBN and M. Plus, you’ll feel loved, so maybe you won’t be so stressed about studying.


A Funeral Home

study places funeral parlor


It’s nice and quiet, and you’ll want to finish quickly so you can leave ASAP. Also, you’ll be reminded of your own mortality, which will deter you from spending hours cruising Facebook before starting on your Spanish workbook questions. Or maybe you can get a ghost to do your homework for you; you don’t know what would be fun for them.


Where else would you guys recommend as good places to study? Let us know in the comments!


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