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This Man Is Turning Himself Into A Human Reptile!


Everyone has a dream — for some, it's to play major league baseball. For others, it's to blast to outer space. For still others, it's to run a small business that functions as an anchor point for an entire community and keep small-town values alive in America.

But for Erik Sprague, his dream is a little further off the beaten path. His dream is to become a reptile. And no, that isn't a metaphor for, like, an especially vicious Wall Street tycoon or something. This guy is literally on his way to becoming a REPTILE.

human lizard
Hey so this is what the devil looks like if you're pious and won't ever seen him.

Sprague has had head-to-toe tattoos to mimic a reptile's skin, Teflon implanted in his forehand to create reptile-esque ridges over his eyes, teeth filed to razor-sharp points, and even had his tongue cut right in half to simulate a lizard's forked tongue.

human lizard

This guy has seriously crossed the fifty one percent threshold — he's more lizard than man now.

killer croc arkham asylum
Sprague's lizard transformation is so complete that if he were a boss in Arkham
Asylum he'd be more likely to have a running-towards-the-camera boss fight
than a one-punch-and-they're-out-cold-because-they're-fighting-BATMAN
boss fight.


But despite his horrible visage, Sprague says his family is supportive of his career path, saying his family has been supportive and understand of the entire process. And that, for some reason, makes his whole situation feel right. We can all talk about being punk rock, ant-establishment hardasses who don't care WHAT society thinks of us, but it's ultimately REALLY hard to be your own, different self when even your blood relatives are against you. I'm glad the human lizard's parents are on his side.

chewbacca costume
Would that my family were as supportive of my desire
to spend 24 hours a day in a Chewbacca costume.


This is all part of an extended art project Sprague's been working on — injecting something unique, surprising, and ultimately beautiful into the day-to-day lives of regular people. "All I have to do," Sprague says in a documentary about himself, "is walk outside my house and walk down the street and I immediately interject surrealism into the worlds of everyone who perceives me." The sentiment is actually kind of nice — Sprague makes himself into a living symbol of the infinite possibilities the universe holds for us. In fact, I'm certain those who observe him walking around at 80 percent reptile really will be changed. Just maybe not in the way he hopes.

old couple happy
"Hon, you may have cheated on me throughout our 34 years of
marriage, but at least you're not 80 percent reptile, so I love you."


What animal will you be transforming yourself into by way of tattoos, piercings, and body modification? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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