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Drake Demands Walgreens and Macy's Pay Him Royalties for YOLO!


While most of us were spending the holidays with our families, unwrapping presents and expressing our love for each other, Drake spent Christmas day traveling to Macy's and Walgreens, photographing their "YOLO"-branded hats and T-shirts. Of course, it was Drake who popularized "YOLO" in his song "The Motto", so, in Drake's mind, he's owed royalties from these stores because YOLO is his phrase.

As though he's the first person to have ever lived once.

Tweeting that Walgreens better "chill or cut the cheque" and later going to Macy's and saying "same goes for you", Drake was sure to include pictures of the offending merchandise. And in fairness, they were pretty offensive. YOLO was poorly-stitched onto bright primary-colored hats and was used on a T-shirt with the Peanuts comic strip characters.

And really, is there ANY brand more tarnished than Peanuts? Have you ever seen Charlie Brown on ANYTHING and though "YEAH, this product is QUALITY"? Peanuts characters are SYNONYMOUS with bad, cheap merchandise for bad, cheap people.

peanuts yolo shirt
Every aunt over 180 pounds owns this shirt.

Can you imagine how Walgreens employees working that day felt when Drake came in? They were kind of caught ripping off a line from the guy's song, but we don't know for sure if Drake really OWNS the phrase — he just SAID it once in a song. For those poor employees, being caught by Drake was like being caught leaving the party with the beer you brought along that nobody drank. Is that beer yours? Or does it become the host's once it enters their fridge? THERE ARE NO RULES HERE PEOPLE. SOCIETY IS CRUMBLING. ANYTHING GOES. THIS IS THE WILD WEST.

party beer
Who does this belong to? The man with the most bullets in his chamber.

Now, obviously I don't understand the legalities regarding the use of the phrase — no one in the WHOLE WORLD does — but I do think that, philosophically, Drake has a point if he was the first person to think up the phrase. But while I don't know if Drake actually created YOLO, I suspect he didn't. If you're spending your Christmas day Tweeting, chances are you are not living the YOLO lifestyle. Instead, Drake, why don't you go climb a mountain? Eat wings off someone a stranger's plate at a restaurant? Curb stomp a kid at a punk rock show?

Or go mountain biking, if you're too scared to do the curb stomping thing.

mountain biking
Which would be COMPLETELY understandable.

Do you think Drake deserves compensation for YOLO? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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