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Actors Who Should Be The Next Batman


Yes. It was amazing, but it's over. Christopher Nolan's Batman is done. So what should we do now? I guess we could make another Batman movie. It's never too early to get started. It's not like there will never be another Batman movie. Who cares if Warner Brothers owns the rights to Batman! We can start a Kickstarter and THE MAN WON'T EVER BE ABLE TO TELL US WHAT TO DO AGAIN!


Jon Hamm

jon hamm plays sax


I think Jon Hamm could slightly change his character in Madmen to make a really bad ass Bruce Wayne in the 60's. There are two problems with this though. The majority of the movie will just follow Bruce Wayne sexually harassing women. There will only be one scene with Batman. In it, he beats up a minority for looking "suspicious".


Bruce Willis

bruce willis shades meme


Bruce Willis would play a great Batman for a movie based on The Dark Knight Returns. Being a fat, depressed action hero is right in his wheelhouse. He also already has a relationship with author Frank Miller from when he acted in Sin City.


Ryan Gosling

ryan gosling meme


Recently, the Batman comics have had a huge surge because they took out one of the biggest problems with the series: Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson, formerly Robin and Nightwing, takes over as Batman and Bruce Wayne's son becomes the Robin. Ryan Gosling has show in the past few years that he had both great acting chops and the ability to carry an action movie. My one request is that we don't ruin the movie by casting some famous actor's kid as Robin. I'm looking at you Jaden Smith.


Chloe Moretz

chloe moretz queen meme


Who says that the next movie has to be Batman? I think it's time that Batgirl got her own movie. There aren't enough big budget movies with a really great female action star. Chloe Moretz has already shown that she can really kick ass.


The Rock

the rock starfox meme


The script for this movie would include every villain in Batman's rogue's gallery. They would all fight in a giant wrestling ring just like a Royal Rumble. The Rock would come out on top, of course. He's The Rock.


Daniel Craig

soviet daniel craig


There is a comic series called Batman, Inc. where Bruce Wayne recruits Batmen all over the world the fight crime in their own cities. Daniel Craig could play the Batman from London. Maybe there is some sort of global crisis where one super villain collects all of the Pokemon and unleashes their terror upon the world. We'd finally get to see the Batman versus Pokemon fight that we've all been waiting for.


Johnny Depp

johnny depp burton slave meme


Tim Burton has done so many remakes that he has started to remake his own movies. Of course, they all star Johnny Depp. They should base it on the old Adam West series. Burton and Depp are the only two people in Hollywood that could pull of the campiness of the old series while actually being able to make a decent movie.


John C. Reilly

jon c reilly steve brule meme


John C. Reilly is kind of a big doofus so he isn't an obvious choice to play millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne or Batman. He could totally play a homeless version of Batman that dresses up in a costume made out of trash bags and an old milk jug. He win would all of his fights because he smelled so bad that the criminals give up just so he won't touch them and get his nasty juices all over them.


Who do you think should play Batman next? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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