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Instragram Can Now Steal Your Photos For Marketing?


Tired of not having your photos and name utilized by a giant faceless company for marketing purposes without your permission? Well, today is your lucky day! Instagram is changing it's policies so that any users age 13 to 18 can be exploited and use in their advertising without asking for your consent!

take that kids
This is Hershel Richcatowitz, the owner of Instagram. Counting the millions he will make off of your photos.

Yes, Bloomberg is reporting that policy changes next month at Instagram will allow them to use your name, photos, text and other information for marketing purposes. So, if you put up a picture you might see it in an ad for Instagram. Technically they have already "asked for your permission" because you give it when click yes on that ridiculously long thing that no one reads when they join. So that's how they get you.

marketing purpose
Teens! They love being exploited for marketing purposes.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is attempting to justify their big new ideas by saying that it will "help it function more efficiently as part of the Facebook network." OK, it might do that. But it also allows to get free marketing by stealing people's art work that might include images of themselves and their friends in said artwork and use it to make money. Underage people as well. People who can't fight back. And that, my friends, is some sinister sh**.

sinister sh*t
Instagram's main corporate offices.

Facebook used to be all about being "cool," staying away from big poppa capitalism. Staying away from corporate sponsors, the stock market, etc. That all changed. Boy are they about money now. And their networks are highly compromised when it comes to privacy. There are two sides to this issue, one can certainly argue that Facebook is a public space and you shouldn't expect a right to privacy. But at the end of the day it amounts to the same reality. These companies will use what you put up, for themselves, for purposes, marketing or otherwise, that you may or may not agree with.

backmeant sunday
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shown here in heated battle with Jedi Master Obi-Wan-Kenobi.

How come you love being taken advantage of by giant corporations so much? Let us in the comments below!


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