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5 States Are Making School 300 Hours Longer. Are You In One?


Have you ever said to yourself? "Hey, it would be great if school was 300 hours longer?" Well if you live in Colorado, Connecticut, Massachussetts, New York, Tennessee your dream has come true!

dream school teach
Excited students smile about how much more fun they have at school.

The CS Monitor is reporting that a large scale government program is being implemented to add 300 hours to the school year in each of the states in an attempt to catch American students up to students in other nations educationally.

large government
The country where this happens is one of the countries we are behind.

The extra hours sound likely to include an increased emphasis on art, music, and other creative outlets. As well, they are intended to allow students to explore specific subjects they are interested in on a more individual basis. Which is honestly pretty f*cking rad. When I went to high school I didn't get to do that. I had to take religion class and get told God hates condoms.

condoms rad
Pictured Above: God pointing angrily at condoms.

Not everyone agrees that longer hours schools are the key to increased student performance. They site evidence including the fact that South Korea and Finland, countries that have less student hours than the United States outperform us. Regardless of that, any program that includes more of an emphasis on the arts and student's individual interests sounds like a good idea to me.

interest fun
This is my individual interest

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