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University Offers PUPPY Room to Stressed Students!


University budget cuts are becoming a huge problem — schools around the country are cutting back on teacher's aides, "Welcome Freshman" barbecues, college-ruled notebooks, and even buxom girl sororities!

buxom girl sororities
WHERE are our priorities?

So THANK GOD for Canadian Dalhousie University, which has realized that when you invest in students, you invest in the future. And how, precisely, is Dalhousie investing in its students? Why, they're putting in a puppy room for its student body to enjoy during stressful finals week.

cute dogs
Students who love love LOVE dogs are ten times more likely to be hired
than those with only their GEDs.


The group Therapeutic Paws of Canada, who specialize in providing year-old and people-friendly animals for those with high blood pressure and depression, are running the students' puppy room in an effort to relieve some of the stress of studying for finals. A bunch of breeds are being brought on campus, including a Sheltie, a Papillion, a Golden Retriever, and a Labradoodle. Obviously these are all great breeds, except for that stupid sh*tty labradoodle. Labradoodles are THE worst breed of dog.


You can tell this is going to be a hugely successful initiative. Students LOVE playing with puppies, and when students are having fun, they tend to do better on their exams — there are almost probably certainly studies that back up that thing I just thought up — and nothing is more fun than puppies. In fact, this is just about the funnest idea a school has ever had! Yes, it's even funner than Anime Club. It's even funner than college-ruled notebooks. Even more than the Greek systems' hazing!

greek hazing
Goooooo Kappa Sigma.

How bad do you want a puppy room in your school? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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