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Even Yet Still MORE of the Worst Words in the English Language


As Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote, “Hell is other people.” Nowhere is that truth more evident than when you’re surrounded by hateful people speaking hateful words. Words like “irregardless.” “Yummy.” And, like, “like.” This list is, by no means, definitive; as you, the reader, have shown me time and time again, these craptacular classics are only the tip of the irritating iceberg. (For more examples of awful, awful words, click here and here to read earlier articles in this series.)



even yet still more worst words english language tummy


Tummy. Belly. Basically any word that ends in the letter “y” and describes a body part is disgusting. Multiple Smosh readers singled this bad boy out as, uh, bad, and I can’t blame ‘em. The only thing grosser than tummies is what most people put in theirs. (Ham sandwiches? Are you serious? With mayonnaise? Barf.)



even yet still more worst words english language moist


Wanna make someone’s skin crawl? Creep up behind them, lean over, and whisper the word “moist” into their ear. Works every time. Smosh reader Thomas Kaspar suggested this awful adjective, and apologized for “ruin[ing] my night" by doing so. Apology accepted, Kaspar, but I don’t think I’ll ever truly be able to forgive you.



even yet still more worst words english language LOL


Everybody hates LOL, and rightfully so – it’s one of the oldest internet acronyms of all time, and by far the most abused. According to Smosh reader Jellymoon (Jellymoon? LOL), "LOL is way overused. I literally saw on my Facebook, ‘Going to the store, LOL.’ What's so funny!?" Jellymoon’s right; there’s nothing funny about going to the store. Unless you’re going to one of those stores I just invented that specialize in paying people to fall down. Now, that would be a funny store experience.



even yet still more worst words english language panties


The word “panties,” even when spoken by a non-creep, always sounds creepy as hell. Heck, even your kindly old grandmother could say the word “panties” and it would chill you to the bone. Smosh reader noone1381 says the word makes 'em feel "icky." Personally, I’d say it gives me the heebie geebies, but, y’know, toma-toe, tomah-toh.



even yet still more worst words english language belch


If you’re, let’s say, feeling a bit under the weather, a belch can be the not-so calm before the storm. First you belch...and then you barf. Hearing someone say the word “belch” feels remarkably similar to belch-barfing – it’s downright stomach-churning. According to Smosh reader crthorsegirl, "Belch is a pretty gross word. I don't mind 'burp,' but 'belch' sounds...wet." Ugh. Wet. Pardon my shudder.


You Know What I Mean?

even yet still more worst words english language you know what i mean


”You know what I'm talking about?” “You know what I'm saying?” “You know what I mean?” All three of these questions mean the same thing – absolutely nothing. If you’ve watched an episode of “Maury” in the past ten years, the number of times you’ve heard someone scream “You know what I’m saying?” after denying paternity is in the thousands. You know, you should really stop watching that crap.



even yet still more worst words english language ttyl j/k lmfao


According to Smosh reader Pikachu5656, acronyms like TTYL, LMFAO and J/K are "fine if you type them, but if you say them you sound stupid." I’d argue that both iterations of said acronyms are annoying as hell, but I get Pikachu5656’s point. These things are bad enough in print – when said aloud, however, they’re downright suicide-inducing.



even yet still more worst words english language guesstimate


Dude, you can’t just slap two words together and make a new word. That’s against the rules. Which is, along with the fact that it makes no sense, why guesstimate isn’t a word. Smosh reader Bubby4444 know’s what’s up. According to them, "it’s either ‘guess’ or ‘estimate.’ You can't just combine the two. That’s like Belieber – it's either believer or idiot." Day-um, Bubby4444! You go, dissin’ on those grammatical dummies and Bieber fanatics!


Agree with me? Disagree? What words do you despise, hot shot? Let me know in the comments!


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