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Is The 'Human Barbie' A Fake?


At this very moment, millions of weird people are watching makeup tutorials from human beings who more closely resemble plastic dolls. Human dolls are a huge trend on YouTube, and "real life Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova is becoming the face of the movement.

real life barbie
The horrific, inhuman face of the movement.

But now, a website called The Dirty is accusing Lukyanova of using Photoshop and plastic surgery to acheive her doll-like visage. But Lukyanova is fighting back! She's, uh, posting pictures of herself on the internet.

barbie response
You go to war with the tools you have, not the tools you want.

And let's be honest, posting pictures of herself is clearly how Lukyanova solves all of her problems. God help the Dairy Queen who puts whipped cream on her banana split that she ordered without whipped cream.

dairy queen banana split
"You're going to feel awful for inconveniencing someone as photogenic as ME."

So is Valeria Lukyanova a fake? I mean, has she had plastic surgery? Almost for sure. But nobody was thinking she was born like this in the first place. Are her pictures Photoshopped? There is a difference between the photos and some of her videos, but in this video in particular, she looks A LOT like her photos.

What I would guess is going on here is that Lukyanova is a phenominal makeup artist, even if she isn't quite at the top of her craft. There are times when her eyes appear enormous, glassy, and other times when it's clear she's just drawn eyelashes on her face. But all those pictures, and in progeress videos, end up online. In other words, she puts up all her work, the good and the bad. I feel like Lukyanova isn't a "fake", she just hasn't been doing this long enough to be consistently great. Remember, even the best artists have unconvincing moments from time to time.

picasso Guernica
I mean, even Picasso made this stupid Guernica garbage.

Would you feel betrayed if this Barbie girl was a "fake"? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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