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6 People Justin Bieber Should Date Next


Don’t lie, ever since you heard Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were on the rocks, you’ve been listening to Biebs’ “Boyfriend” and envisioning yourself as the girl he’s propositioning. But you didn’t act quickly enough, and now pictures are surfacing of Bieby Baby hanging out with some Victoria’s Secret models. Nooo! Clearly he needs us to step in and give him a little gf guidance. Here’s who we think Justin Bieber should date next.


Carly Rae Jepsen

justin date carly rae


At 26 (I know, right? I didn’t believe it, either!) Carly Rae is a little old for Justin, but whatever, she looks super young. We already know they’re pals since Justin helped launch her career, and they’ll have a lot to talk about, like singing and maple syrup and stuff. Plus, their parents will be pleased that their holidays be spent in Canada.


Mary Kate Olsen

justin date mary kate


Another 26-year-old, but, I mean, I’d rather see Mary Kate with someone eight years her junior than that 42-year-old stale croissant she’s with now. Mary Kate and Justin could bond over being child stars that inspired people to count down the years until they turned 18. And then Mary Kate could fill Justin in on what exactly Full House is.


Selena Gomez

justin date selena gomez


They ARE cute together. If these two can work through their differences, maybe it would start a trend of Hollywood couples actually sticking together. And if not, they seem willing to fight in public, so that’ll at least continue to entertain us.


Rebecca Black

justin date rebecca black


Just to watch the internet explode... And, um, she looks like she’d be Bieber’s type.


McKayla Maroney

justin date mckayla maroney


McKayla is maybe one of the few teenage girls in the world who could look at Justin and not be impressed. Apparently they interacted a lot at the Olympics. It’d probably be for the best if Justin were to date a girl who excelled at something completely different from him so the two weren’t in competition with each other. Plus, she could totally guest stunt in his videos!


[Your Name Here]

justin date your name


OMG now I’m blushing. He basically proposes to us over Twitter like every night anyway. Miracles happen when you belieb.


Who else do you think Justin Bieber should date? Let us know in the comments!


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