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One Direction Fan-Fiction Story Lands Teen A Book Deal!


One of the most magical times in a young person's life is when they fall in love with their first band. For many of our grandparents, it was The Beatles. For some of our parents, it was The New Kids on the Block.

For me, it was KoЯn, but only because I wasn't super well-adjusted.

But like so many of her peers, British teen Emily Baker fhas fallen and fallen hard for One Direction, everyone's favorite teeny bopper boy band. But the difference between her and all those previous generations of music-lovers is that Emily Baker wrote a story about meeting and falling in love with the group that attracted the attention of Penguin publishing and landed her a book deal. Now Emily will write a novel based on the story called Loving the Band.

The senior fiction editor from Emily's publisher, Penguin, said of the deal: "We are delighted to be publishing Loving the Band. Emily's novel completely taps into today's pop culture. Her love of a certain boy band is heartfelt and her passion feeds into every bit of her writing." And if that's true, it's an impressive feat for Emily — I don't know how you capture the feeling of a teen girl's love for her favorite band in words. Is it all in caps? Does it use ":D!!!" instead of periods? Let's take a look at the manuscript itself and see—

book text
Let's be honest, it's not really a complicated feeling.

To avoid any copyright issues, Emily has changed the names, so the band is no longer officially One Direction. While that's sure to be a negative on the book for One Direction purists (?), Baker did make an awesome decision to rename one of the band members "Shaq". That bodes well for what she's renamed the rest of the group.

one direction
From left to right: Shaq, Philosophy, Crisp Pants, Xrenthax the Destroyer, and Phil.

I don't mean to make fun of Emily Baker for writing this story, thoguh. It's wonderful when anyone sits down and takes the time to write deserves our applause. But Penguin publishing? What are you guys doing? Do you just search the web for writers now? Is that really how you want to discover talent?

Because if so I've been working on a Snape/ Lily Potter story for like two years and it has over thirty-five views and I really think it's good and if you'll just give it a chance I'm sure you'll like it because they have such an EPIC romance and don't forget to read the epilouge about their kids!!

lily and snape
You can find it at lilyandsnapeOTP.biz

What band do you write fanfic about? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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