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90's Celebs Who Need To Make A Comeback


So I recently saw Tiffani Amber Thiessen at Whole Foods. So I did a quick mirror check in the produce section and walked over to confidently ask her to go to the Marine Corp Ball with me, cause celebrities have to say yes to that even if you’re not in the Marines. However when I got closer I realized it wasn’t Tiffani Amber Thiessen, but instead a small, old Japanese man debating with himself over which brand of cream cheese to buy. THEN I realized, I have little to no memory of what ANY of these 90s stars look like. And that the many of them could be really popular if they returned to the game today. So I decided to put together a list of 9 90s celebs who need to make a comeback. Let me know what you think in the comments below or by tweeting at me @danborrelli



Pete & Pete, the original hipsters. This show never seems to die, which is fantastic. I just hope that my grandkids are watching this in the future on their iGlasses from their Mars summer home (I have no idea how science works). But Danny T shold make a comeback. Despite the fact that he did NOT age well (google it) it would still be fun to watch. I could totally see him hosting one of those online pop culture shows that they advertise on Hulu that makes you think “Who actually watches that?” Well if Danny T was hosting I’d watch it, that’s for damn sure.



Oh Marc Summers…you so charmin’ and stuff. I miss that dude. He is totally primed for a comeback. With all the obnoxious TV hosts and political pundits out there it would be refreshing to have Mr. Summers back in our living rooms. I could totally see him hosting anything from a fast talking nightly news show to Dance/fighting with the Stars. It’d be a nice touch of nostalgia to all of these already rely on bringing back celebrities we’ve never heard of.



Battle OF Los Angeles doesn’t count. Although I’m a big fan of any action movie shot like a porno (SEE: Komodo vs. Cobra). What bugs me is that Kel was always the funnier of the two in the Keenan and Kel sketches. For the most part, Kenan was the straight man. It’s rare that that member of the duo goes on to have more success. I don’t remember Greg from Dharma and Greg going on to too much success. The fact of the matter is we need a K & K reunion now!


Aside from starring in the video that nearly broke the internet, Elizabeth Berkley was the least likely sex symbol of the 90s. Playing both the awkwardly attractive girl in both SBTB and Showgirls. She’s primed for a comeback as the saucy older Aunt of some younger star on a sitcom. And Amurrca is ready for her as well.



I have no idea who made the above video, but I would like to thank them from the bottom of my 90s heart. Candace Cameron was the mom of the show even at age 16, how has she not had a career as an adult? She’s finally at the age we all saw her to be years ago. I get that she has a family and a life and has probably made more money than most small countries; but come on! We need you CC! Who am I supposed to look to for maternal guidance these days? Julie Bowen!? The chick from Happy Gilmore!? F that!



For YEARS this guy was everywhere; video games, television, my pajama pants… And where is he now? Failed comeback games and greatest hits collections? We need a full reboot here, an origins story. Jeremy Renner can play him in the movie where we learn exactly HOW Sonic came to be. Spoiler alert…ALIENS! #MichaelBayIsAGenius



Riiiico…Suuuuaveeee… It’s amazing. It’s catchy, it’s powerful, it’s political. I don’t really remember this song from when it came out. I was pretty young (early 30s) but I do remember how nostalgic people have been over it for the last 21 years. And isn’t that really what the 90s are about? COMPLETE nostalgia of a time where Amurrcans got together and decided to take a break from history by having a peaceful and prosperous country. Rico Suave embodied that spirit better than anyone. It was I’m Too Sexy meets the Macarana and we need that now. A sexy Psy. Yeah…that’s what Amurrca needs… #Ryan/Suave2016



With the recent announcement of “Girl Meets World” coming to Disney nobody is more primed for a return than Sir Ben Savage (played by actor Cory Matthews). I could totally see Savage (Matthews) as the take-no-crap principle at this new school, filling in where Mr. Feeny left off (since, let’s be honest, he’s probably dead). And that’s what the whole point of a comeback is about for the audience. It’s a way to connect the generations. It’s a way for parents to share the characters they loved in a story with characters their kids love. Pop culture is powerful, and it doesn’t always have ot be negative. Sometimes it can be magical, like Sean’s hair…or that episode where his dad comes back! Onions you guys…cutting onions…


What celeb from the 90s do you want to come back? Let me know in the comments below or by tweeting at me @danborrelli


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