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The 6 Ridiculous iPhone Apps that Actually Exist!


It’s 2012, you guys. We’re pretty much living the future, and there are some truly amazing apps to prove it. Here are just six windows into that limitless possibility promised to us by The Jetsons.



ridic apps sim stapler


This free app allows all the fun of stapling without the hassle of potentially jammed pieces of metal and blank indentations. In fact, there’s no paper necessary. Just press your finger on the image of a stapler, and see the animation move up and down. It’s like Second Life for the Super Type-A.


Man Trainer

ridic apps man trainer


Tired of boyz staring at your boobz? Tell the offending dude to strap your iPhone to his head, and this app will use an accelerometer to sense which direction he’s looking. If he’s checking out your cleave, the app will make a screaming sound. Although if you’re at the point where a guy is willing to let you strap an phone to his head, he’s probably also open to hearing your needs verbally and adjusting his behavior accordingly.


Blissify Me

ridic apps blissify me


This “Feel Good” app provides guided meditations. Rate how relaxed you felt, and you stand to earn points and unlock higher levels. Because if there’s one thing yoga teaches us, it’s that life is a game and we have to win it and if we’re not feeling totally zen it’s our brain’s fault because we suck at life.


Toilet Paper Dragging

ridic apps toilet dragger


If you find this app on a friend’s phone, wash your hands immediately; dude has been playing with his iPhone while sitting on the toilet. Or at least that’s what “Toilet Paper Dragging” claims it’s meant for – the moments in the bathroom just before you reach for real toilet paper and need to practice your dragging motion on something virtual. Ew.


Ex-Girlfriend Collector

ridic apps ex gf


This app allows you to catalog, rate, and trade info about ex-girlfriends with your buddies, complete with a picture. There’s even a place you to enter her measurements. It’s pretty disgusting. I hope this developer never gets laid again in his life. Smosh readers, if you ever want any future ex-girlfriends, do NOT use this app.


Hot Guy Alarm Clock

ridic apps bf alarm


An antidote to the “Ex-Girlfriend Collector”-using ex-boyfriend, this app takes real-life bf’s out of the picture entirely and replaces them with the sound of a hot guy’s voice. Select from a smorgasbord of “wakeup experiences” like "Vampire Castle," "Chateau in France (but You're Spies)," and "Clumsy Boyfriend." This app + a body pillow = Adele’s out of business.


Have you guys heard of other ridiculous apps? Tell us in the comments!


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