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8 Epic James Bond Gadgets


Casino Royale was great. Quantum Of Solace was not so great. One thing both movies were missing was awesome gadgets. I know that they were trying to get away from the whole gadget thing, but I think that sweet gadgets are one of the most important things in the franchise. In Skyfall, they have decided to bring back gadgetmaster Q. I really can't wait to see what craziness he cooks up for Daniel Craig. Here are the most epic James Bond gadgets.


Ghetto Blaster (Living Daylights)


Like some of the gadgets on this list, this was only seen in Q's lab. That doesn't make it any less awesome. It's a rocket launcher that is shaped like a pretty sweet looking jam box. I'd finally feel safe walking to the store for candy bars in my neighborhood if I had this on my shoulder.


Lotus Espirit (The Spy Who Loved Me)

lotus under water


James Bond has had a lot of super epic cars, but this is by far my favorite. Not only does it have machine guns and rockets built in to it, it also can turn in to a submarine that is equipped with torpedoes and mines. I really think this should be included in the next Grand Theft Auto game. It would make you unstoppable.


Watch Laser (Goldeneye N64)

n64 watch laser


This was in the movie too, but I'm specifically talking about it in the N64 version. It is intended to be used to open the floor on the train level, but this thing will actually do damage to enemies if you get really close. There is nothing more satisfying than clearing an entire level using nothing more than the watch laser. That's a true sign that you are both a total badass, and you also should probably leave your house more.


Bell Rocket Belt (Thunderball)

bond wearing rocket belt


This was an actual real invention that you could totally use in the real world. The only problem is that at most a flight on one of these only lasts about thirty seconds. I know we have iPhones and all kinds of awesome technology, but I'm not going to consider us to be living in the future until I can fly a rocket belt to the SMOSH offices every day for work.


Grappling Suspenders (Diamonds Are Forever)

larry king suspenders


These are a grappling hook that is attached to suspenders. It's pretty much the greatest scientific achievement in bully defense technology. Next time you're getting harassed just use these to zip away. Just be careful that you don't get stuck or else the bully might decide to use you as a pinata.


SNOOPER (A View To A Kill)



This is pretty much just a remote control car with a camera taped to it. How have I not thought about doing this yet? When you have a lot of enemies like me, it's important to always know what they're saying about you behind your back. Mostly it's just people talking about how creepy it is that I have a little robot that I use to spy on people.


Bagpipe Gun (The World Is Not Enough)

bagpipe flamethrower


This is a bagpipe that contains a machine gun and a flamethrower. After seeing this, I'm now suspicious of anyone I see playing the bagpipes. Maybe they're a secret spy who want to take me out. I guess I'm just going to have to investigate and make sure they aren't hiding anything under their kilt.


The Crocodile (Octopussy)


This is a small one person boat that looks like a crocdile. I'm mostly excited because if they can make this, I bet they could make a tiny boat that looked like any animal. I'll be the coolest dude at the lake driving around my gyarados boat. The babes are going to have to make a line for makeout sessions. I hope I don't hurt my tongue.


Which gadget do you wish that you owned? Let me know on twitter @zachlunch or in the comments below!


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