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Tiny Little Places To Put Your iPad Mini!


The iPad is such has so many uses that you never know when you're going to need one. Because of that, if you're anything like me, you have six or seven iPads hidden all around your hosue so ou can grab one if you very suddenly need to watch a movie or take an impossibly stupid-looking photo of yourself in the mirror. And now with the iPad Mini, you can put it in even SMALLER crevasses, increasing your access to all your superflous iPads! Here are some teeny tiny little places you can store an iPad Mini:


Pocket of a mouse

chuck e cheese ipad mini


It's true! The iPad Mini is so small you could put it in the pocket of a mouse! Granted, it would have to be a pretty big mouse — one that runs a children's arcade or teaches karate to giant turtles perhaps — but still, if Apple wants to say in an ad that the iPad Mini fits in the pocket of a mouse it wouldn't be a lie!


In the disk tray of your Xbox 360

xbox ipad mini


Mobile gaming has come a long way since the launch of the iPad, so if you ever get the itch to play some dated console garbage like Halo 4 or Mass Effect, having an iPad Mini in that Xbox tray will remind you that you are no longer beholden to consoles or controllers, or even wires. You can game while you take a walk outside, on the bus to a ball game, maybe even somewhere that isn't your dark living room, brimming with old pizza boxes and empty Mountain Dew cans you filthy animal.


In the slipcase of a DVD boxset

ipad dvd friday night lights

You can cleverly disguise your hidden iPad Mini in an innocuous DVD box set, so anyone who might be LOOKING for your hidden iPads will glance right over it. The only downside is that you'll have to throw away the sets' DVDs, but come on. You weren't ever going to watch Friday Night LIghts, were you? It's time to give up the dream there, champ.


In a parallel dimesnion

ipad mini alternate dimension


The iPad Mini is so thin it can actually fit through the spaces BETWEEN molecules and enter parallel dimensions. Now, while that isn't necessarily true of the iPad Minis in OUR dimension, if there truly are infinite parallel universes, there is a universe where that IS true. And therefore, that universe-skipping iPad Mini has the potential to cross into OUR universe. That means if Apple wants to say in an ad that the iPad Mini can enter other dimensions it wouldn't be a lie! And therefore nothing ever is a lie!


Underneath an iPad that had 1/4 of it broken off

breaking ipad


If you hide iPads UNDERNEATH OTHER iPADS, you can now store an iPad Mini underneath any full-size iPads that may have had 1/4 of them snapped off by Incrediuble Hulks. Oh, you don't have any iPads that've had 1/4th of themselves ripped of by Incredible Hulks? Well maybe there are some people who HAVE, genius. You don't know what The Avengers do with their iPads. THIS ISN'T ALL ABOUT YOU, NON-AVENGERS.


In a medium pizza box

ipad mini pizza box


Sure, you've kept an iPad in the fridge in a large pizza box for years, but now you can fit an iPad Mini in a medium pizza box, which leaves more room in your fridge for tupperware containers stuffed with spare internal hard drives or blu tooth headsets.

Hey, do you ever think you might have a technology-flavored hoarding problem?


Where are you going to stick your iPad Mini? Let me know on Twitter at @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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