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6 Video Game Villains Who Would Have Made Good Heroes 


In the movie “Wreck-It Ralph,” the title character decides after years of playing the same role he no longer wants to be the bad guy, opting to be a the good guy instead. Which of course leads one to wonder what other long-time villains have what it takes to flip the switch and become a hero?


Pac-Man’s Ghosts

video game villain hero pac man ghosts


Why They Would Make Good Heroes: Work well as a team, like a rainbow-colored Avengers or an occasionally frightened and fleeing Justice League. Like most superhero teams they have a place to reconvene (although only after they have been consumed). Like Superman they can’t really be killed, like Aquaman they can’t really do much of anything.



video game villain hero bowser super mario


Why He Would  Make a Good Hero: Willingness to participate in countless good-natured car races and other sporting events with Mario indicate Bowser may be experiencing a change of heart (marred greatly by his constant kidnapping of women). Throwing hammers reminiscent of Thor. Hurling fire reminiscent of Human Torch. Fighting alongside son Bowser Jr. reminiscent of Batman fighting alongside ward Robin, although without the creepy undertone of a grown man inviting a teenage boy to live with him.




video game villain hero kano mortal combat


Why He Would  Make a Good Hero: The leader of an international cartel, Kano could head a superhero group like the Fantastic Four (though he’d probably use The Thing to break into banks and out of jails). Ability to rip out vital organs from opponents could save people in desperate need of a still-beating heart, two very fresh livers, or entire intact skeleton.



video game villain hero sephiroth final fantasy


Why He Would  Make a Good Hero: Was already a war hero until he kinda jumped to conclusions and believed himself to be a god (as you do). Having been injected with extraterrestrial cells as a fetus, Sephiroth could have very well joined Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters…or, alas, Magneto’s School for Freakass Juvenile Delinquents. Was voiced by an NSYNC member in “Kingdom Hearts,” so his level of menace has already dropped more than a few notches.



video game villain hero coily snake qbert


Why He Would  Make a Good Hero: Given that the game “Qbert” takes place on a multidimensional pyramid floating in space, it’s actually hard to tell if Coily is hunting the title character or actually being chased by him instead, meaning he may have been the hero all the long. Also, as far as villain names go, “Coily” is about as menacing as “Timmy” or “Gonna-Hug-And-Kiss-You.”



video game villain hero ganondorf legend of zelda


Why He Would  Make a Good Hero: Sure, Ganondorf may be the king of all evil, possess an unquenchable thirst for world domination, and be the embodiment of unrelenting pure hatred in “The Legend of Zelda” but...uh...he has a cape, just like Batman. Or, well, Darth Vader. The point is sometimes you have to look past a character’s cruel exterior and horrible reputation and stare straight into their soul to find that, alas, they are so bad they probably juggle kittens in their free time.

Any you can think of? Let us know in the comments!

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