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SHOWDOWN: Who's Your Favorite Family Guy Character: Stewie Or Brian?


So the movie Ted is coming out this weekend and I have to say when I heard the premise I was like 'WTF? Uhhhh NO THANKS!" Then I heard that it was written and directed by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and I was a little less WTF about it all. So to honor MacFarlane's foray into the movie world, we offer you this poll. Who's your fave Family Guy character? Hmmm. Obviously Meg is NOT in the running.



bella swan twilight meme


He's a diabolical toddler, one of the only ways I find toddlers to be tolerable.  I also have complete sympathy with any child that has to grow up knowing that his intellect is superior to any of the adults who are supposed to be raising him. And you gotta love any kid who is planning his mother's murder one minute and completely entranced by the Teletubbies the next. Don't you? It's sort of...sweet. In a psychopathic kind of way.



edward cullen twilight


I guess I can't help but relate to an aspiring writer who enjoys martinis. I think this is one of the only dogs I would enjoy more than a cat. Just imagine how much fun it would be to get him a little drunk and then watch him stumble around while playing fetch. Although I don't know if I would enjoy dealing with the dumb hos he would bring home. That would be way worse than finding dead bird or a fossilized piece of dog doo.


So who's it gonna be?  Choose wisely and VOTE in the poll below!

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