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6 Smosh Appearances You Might Not Know About


With the main Smosh channel, SmoshGames, Lunchtime w/Smosh, Ian Is Bored, and Shut Up! Cartoons, Ian and Anthony are BUSY. But there is always time to help out others, right? Well not really, but they try anyway! Here are some of the Smosh appearances you might not have heard of!


Chasing with Steve Aoki

"Chasing with Steve Aoki" is a reality show where three teams of mega-fans compete against each other for a VIP night out with superstar DJ Steve Aoki. Besides jumping through cake and crowd surfing in a raft, contestants also run into Anthony and Ian in not one but TWO episodes. Ian and Anthony live through this one! The series premieres today, check it out HERE!


Red Vs. Blue

smosh cameo

Last summer, Ian and Anthony played two unnamed soldiers in the 9th season Red Vs. Blue episode “Number One.” They were, of course, killed.


The Annoying Orange

smosh cameo

In 2010, Ian and Anthony appeared as bananas in the Annoying Orange episode “The Exploding Orange.” They were, or course, killed.


Agents Of Secret Stuff

smosh cameo

In handsome fellow YouTuber Ryan Higa’s action comedy short in 2010, “Agents Of Secret Stuff,” Anthony appeared as a character named Bryson, and Ian was a character named, ah, Pervert.

smosh cameo



Brag Call

smosh cameo

YouTuber Julian Smith invited Smosh over for a hot tub party, but Anthony had to go and ruin it.


Who Are You with Deepak Chopra

smosh cameo deepak

You might have known that Deepak Chopra appeared on Ian Is Bored, but did you know that SMOSH returned the favor and appeared in an episode of Deepak’s YouTube series, WHO ARE YOU? If you ever wanted to hear Ian and Anthony talk about the meaning of life, this was your chance. Deepak is an internationally known author, thinker, and spiritual guru, and Smosh is, well, Smosh, so this is will always be the strangest collaboration.

There are a few other not-well-known Smosh cameos... can you name them?

Chasing with Steve Aoki premieres today! Check it out HERE!

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