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Pokemon That Should Run for President


Election season is heating up. The primaries for the big two parties are over and they have their candidates. There is one smaller party that still hasn't decided on a candidate. That would be the Pokemon Party. Here are Pokemon That Should Run For President:





Machoke is one of the most human looking Pokemon. Of all of the Pokemon on this list, he would be the most likely to actually be able to run in the election. You'd just have to slap a suit and wig on him and print off a fake birth certificate.



steelix in king hat

Steelix would make a good President because he would have a really strong foreign policy. By that I mean, Steelix would crush all of our opponents himself. Ruling one country wouldn't be enough for him. He'd go from country to country taking over as their supreme leader. One day he would become ruler of us all! ALL HAIL KING STEELIX!!!!!!!1



celebi with doctor who

Wouldn't it be awesome if we could just erase all of our mistakes and do them over? Celebi would be the first time traveling President. Hopefully he doesn't accidentally destroy the space-time continuum because its going to be going back in time very frequently.



alakazam with einstein

It would be so nice to finally have someone intelligent in office. According to the Pokedex, Alakazam has an IQ of over 5,000. That's like having 30 Albert Einstein's running the country all inside one creature. Within one year, Alakazam would have every national crisis solved and have a base on a Mars.



alakazam with einstein


Jigglypuff would have the most adorable campaign ads in the history of politics. It would just be Jigglypuff riding a My Little Pony through the set of Teletubbies. How are you going to NOT vote for Jigglypuff?!? Look at those cheeks! I just want to squeeze those cheeks!



sharpedo I say meme


Sharpedo is basically a shark mixed with a torpedo. He can swim up to 75 mph and take down a battleship. He would be excellent to have on our side in negotiations with foreign leaders as long as we have all of our meetings in the pool.



golurk can learn fly


Golurk is an automaton type of Pokemon. That pretty much just means that he is an ancient robot. Luckily for Golurk, ancient robots are the exact type of candidates that most of the political parties look for. He would do absolutely anything they told him to do. Also, he flies.



baby yoshi hatches from egg


It's been a long time since we had a Commander-In-Chief who could actually lead an army in to battle. Its basically a living tank. Blastoise's water cannons can go through steel and his shell can protect him from most attacks. Fear his greatness!


What other Pokemon should run for President? Let me know @zachlunch or tell us in the comments!


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