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Japan is ALL ABOUT Girls With Weird Teeth Fangs!


So, here's a weird thing Japan's been into for a little while: Girls with protruding K-9 teeth, sometimes refered to as a "snaggletooth". It's been popping up in anime and mangas for the past few years to make female characters seem more quirky and adorable.

anime with fangs
I know I'm really only into girls who are in
the process of transforming into a feral animal.


But as of late, the fang-tooth fad, also known as "yaeba", has crossed over into real life, as girls in Japan with perfectly straight teeth are getting fake yaiba caps installed!

yaeba girl
When I googled "yaeba" to find this image Google asked if
I meant "Kirsten Dunst teeth", which was mean of them.


I don't get it. What's attractive about making girls look like tigers? Japan, are you into tigers? Because I think tigers are scary, not hot.

scary tiger

I always think about these kinds of trends in terms of America vs. Japan—would we, the tough, smart, brave citizens of the United States ever add put stupid alterations on our teeth that make them look uglier to seem like we're, I don't know, bad at brushing? But of course, I am once again reminded that specific cultures aren't stupid...

guy with grill
...all of HUMANITY is stupid.

Do you find this quote unquote "yaeba" business cute? Let me know on twitter @mikeyfromsu or in the comments below!


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